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Version History

Version (5/18/2009)

  • Fixed: Always raise "incorrect parameter" exception in IE8.
  • Fixed: On a Dual Monitor machine, the application always starts up half on one and half on the other. It appears to centre itself across all of the display area.

Version (3/12/2008)

  • Fixed: Fake Trojan report by McAfee Anti-Virus Software.

Version (9/21/2007)

  • New: 'Check for Updates' menu item has been added to the help menu.
  • New: An new bug report method, Whenever there's a crash/exception raised, Automatically collect lots of useful information, and give the end user the possibility to send a full bug report.
  • Fixed: An access violation bug with  tooltip expression evaluation.

Version (9/2/2007)

  • New: AxScripter is now code signed with IEInspector.com publishing certificate
  • Fixed: Microsoft Scripter Debugger link error.
  • Fixed: An installation issue on some Windows Vista computers.
  • Fixed: A bug that can't handle JavaScript exception and can't locate  the source in some very rare cases.

Version (3/2/2007)

  • New: Add "Open URL..." button in the toolbar.
  • New: Add vbscript, CSS, PHP, Perl,  text content with color syntax highlighting.
  • New: Add "Eclipse" Key mapping modules
  • New: Official testing in IE7
  • Fixed: Some UI elements disappear when 'large fonts' is enabled in windows XP

Version (01/04/2007)

  • Released!


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